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 I am absolutely, super duper excited!  I am proud to be part of Radio’s Saturday morning ‘Lifestyle Morning’ by hosting my very own radio show!  Dave and I will be hosting the show ‘Engage Life’ on Salt Spring Island.  I have an entire array of health & wellness experts that work here on the island, coming to discuss their craft, among many other news worthy events, happenings and weekly tips too.  I am launching a weekly competition, with wonderful gifts from the Figs and Honey Body Care line.   I invite you to tune in, join us, call in, write in, and share your ideas and tips.  If you are a wellness practitioner, our listeners would love to get to know you, so let me know and I will book you in for a chat!  Truly exciting to support local radio, local people and get the news out to the world that Salt Spring is a true destination of healing and well-being!  We all know it, and others should know too!


Listen to Lisa Sliwowska (Owner of Figs & Honey) on her Saturday morning radio show!

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Air and breath

cherryblossomtreesEach of us takes 20,000 breaths a day. Children breathe 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults.  I am going to talk just a little about breathing and air, just a little!

In a survey the first thing that people thought of when asked about smells were positive memories.  Almost everyone has a familiar smell associated with freshly cut green grass, air dried laundry straight off the washing line, delicious smells associated with baking and bread, flower essences associated with childhood or romance!   Nice to know that the first thoughts weren’t  nasty smells!

Personally, there is nothing like standing on the front of a boat and letting the air brush over my face.  It feels fantastic and I feel completely clean after as though the air blew away all the negative energy that had been hanging around me!  Remember the scene on the film Titanic when Leonardo and Kate are standing right on the tippy front of the Titanic?  I totally get that, as I am sure many people did!  Why does that moment make us close our eyes?  Perhaps the senses need to be closed down to focus on the feeling of the air brushing over our skin?  Our senses are tickled by the air in every way.  Wonderful smells, fowl smells all wake us up and engage us in life.  Sometimes to alert us to a warning like in smoky air, sometimes to alert us to other dangers like gas leaks.  I know myself that I can be walking along and a smell of an aftershave will hit me and take me back to that first love, the one who covered himself in it, in youthful enthusiasm!  Now, I am momentarily frozen in that moment, in that memory, with that person and a beautiful smile crosses my face.  My secret, that smell, that moment, all mine! The smell of a new born baby and the immediate connection that happens between mother and child, the smell of your lover, so completely comforting and nurturing! The smell of our parents!! My mother has a completely distinctive smell and I remember having her handkerchief in boarding school, just one little sniff of that hanky and I was taken right back to her and to love.  Pets do the same thing, when I am out or away, my cats sit on top of any pieces of clothing they can find that has my smell on it!! Amazing really!

I dont want to talk about pollution, climate change or the air quality.  Not because they are not important obviously, but because I want to think of the wonderful things in our air.  The blossoms that are blown and fall onto the ground like confetti at a wedding, the rose petals blown over the garden, ripe for gathering and pressing to make gorgeous rose water, or just touching, they are just like silk!  The wonderful smell of home, that particular smell that is undefinable, but completely smells like home.  Everyone’s is slightly different, just like every person, every home is quite unique!  I walk past the climbing sweet peas every summer that I religiously grow, and the smell is breathtaking.  It takes me right back, I cant figure out what it reminds me of, somewhere, something in my past and every year I try so hard to remember what it is?  Perhaps this year……

The air we breath gives us life, our last breath takes us to death.  Make every breath count, switch on, be alert, enjoy, breath slowly and surely and enjoy! Smell that wonderful glass of wine!   Life is good, life is amazing!

Figs & Honey Clay Face Mask

74057945French Green Clay is a gentle detoxifier, drawing toxins from the pores and sweatglands to the surgace of the skin where it can be washed off.  High in sea minerals, this clay nourishes and tones.  The essential oils in this mask are superior for supporting collagen formationa nd reducing wrinkles.  They are powerful antioxidants and several have a natural estrogenic action, knowm for giving skin a younger and glowier appearance!  60ml $20.



Relax your feet in our sea salt, mineral salt and essential oil foot bath.Enjoy a tip to heel cleanse of your feet followed by our Grapeseed Shea Foot Scrub. Gentle heel exfoliation, dead skin removal takes place and a cuticle removal, nail shape follows. Next step is a dip in the essential oil hot wax which leaves your feet warm and cleansed. A relaxing massage

follows from your knees down to your toes using an incredible Certified Organic Shea butter blend . This cream is blended with rosemary, honey,eucalyptus. Peppermint and finally Tea tree which is a natural topical antibiotic and anti fungal ingredient. To complete your full service pedicure a polish is chosen and applied.

BASIC PEDICURE $40 45 mins appx

This is the same procudure as above except for the aromathery hot wax dip is not included. You leave with beautiful toes and feet, moisturized, soft and polished.