“Thank you so much Lisa, my son’s skin has cleared up so beautifully, thanks to your Acne Program, wonderful products and of course your healing hands!  His confidence has returned and it is so wonderful to know that he now connects his habits and lifestyle with his body and health” P.L

“I have suffered with chronic Eczema for twenty years.  Experiencing your Reiki, your amazing Eczema Cream and Oil, has healed my Eczema, I had all but given up and can’t thank you enough” L.T

“I absolutely love your facials Lisa, when I leave, its as though you have sprinkled me with some sort of happy dust, I always feel relaxed and joyful and my skin is so, so happy from your gentle touch and your wonderful creams and potions” L.S.

“I love your products and you do the best pedicures on the island” N.S

“I don’t know how you know, but it doesn’t matter, whenever I come to see you, its like you just know exactly what I need and how to lift me up” EH

“OMG, I love your facials, absolute bliss,  I feel like a cat, purring”I don’t know what you put in your products, but they are AMAZING, I LOVE them, especially your Nourishing Night Oil, thank you” LR