Packages for Acne

Our Acne Package

Acne is a condition that can come at any age. Hormonal disruptions, digestive disorders, stress and emotional issues, even medication can trigger an attack. We have devised a three month program that will support you on your healing journey to having beautiful, healthy skin.  We use a three prong approach for best results.  We use a Treatment Facial, Reiki, and Diet and Lifestyle support and our own specially formulated healthy natural skin care products that we make freshly, by hand.  These products are exceptional, healing and 100% Natural.

These are our packages just for you. Holistic, Natural and effective.

Bronze Package $180

This package includes a thirty minute in-depth skin consultation that will give us the ability to personalize a program just for you.  We then offer you our One Hour Treatment Facial for Acne that is perfectly balanced and therapeutic using custom blended, freshly made skin care that is designed to cleanse, sooth and support the healing of Acne.  Details of this facial is under “Facials” in the Treatments tab on the home page.  As we offer a holistic and natural approach to healing Acne, an important component is the use of Reiki to gently shift blocked energy, restore the flow of the seven Chakras and understand the potential physical/emotional disturbance contributing to the Acne. You will leave feeling relaxed, your skin will be soothed and cleansed and take home advice will be given to support you on your healing journey.

Silver Package $289

This package includes all of the above AND the full package of Treatment Products to support the healing of your Acne at home.  A specially blended Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Healing Mask, Moisturizer and Spot Check.  A take home handout is also given for you to follow for simple diet and lifestyle changes to support your body and regain balance and heal your acne.

Gold Package $540 (10% discount is available for pre-payment)

This package also includes a thirty minute in-depth consultation, and THREE Facials and Reiki sessions.  One per month.  With this program the results of your skin consultation and intuitive Reiki Session will give you a take home workbook that guides you through your personalized eating and lifestyle plan, specifically created for you.  With this package you will also take home the full Acneic Skin Care Product Range to use for continued support and healing at home.  This includes a specially blended Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Mask, Moisturizer and a ‘Spot Check’ for when you feel a break out coming through.  Integral is the Acne Oil, which releases blocked sebum pockets and heals the scarring from the Acne you already have.  This is particularly powerful and used for night time healing.  Full ingredients and description are available in our eshop on this site.  This is by far the preferred package, our experience has shown that it takes three months to really support the internal systems of the body, understand and shift blocked energy that contributes to acne.  Three months of continued topical cleansing and care of the skin is optimal for lasting healing.  We are here to offer continued support and keep you ‘on track’ with the monthly facials and Reiki sessions and available in between visit to support you any way we can.  Your own Acne Coach!!

With this package each client receives a lifetime discount from our centre and eshop of 10% off any products.

Please do call for any information or to discuss details of the above packages. 250 537-1256  Testimonials are available on our HOME page.