Intuitive Mentoring/Coaching

Lisa Sliwowska is a trained Reiki Master and is now practicing Intuitive Mentoring/Coaching here at Figs & Honey. Lisa has worked as a motivator and mentor for the Women’s Enterprise Association of Canada and is now offering private sessions online and at her centre. Her passion to support women to live their very best lives in peace and joy, drives her to offer this service. Over twenty six years of Consciousness Awakening has led her to a simple and elegant method to support people in recovering their wellbeing and drive for life. One time visits and six week coaching session packages are available. Initial consultations are completely free. If you feel stuck, lacking motivation, have ideas but don’t know how to implement them, unhappy in your marriage or relationship, stressed due to parenting, generally feeling unwell and unhappy then lets do something about it. No more bandaids….lets get to the bottom of what is really going on! You can heal your life, you just need some guidance. For more information and to discuss program options, please call 250 537-1256 to arrange for an appointment.