How to have a beautiful skin or how to keep beautiful skin? Figs and Honey Beauty Therapy and Healing Arts Center was a long term dream of Lisa Sliwowska . ” I wanted to begin a practice which offered people the opportunity to have beautiful skin, 100% naturally. ”  All our Organic & Holistic Facial treatments are provided with genuine care, attention to detail and people are treated lovingly whatever their needs.  We make all our own products which are carefully blended, with 100% natural & organic ingredients.  We ONLY use natural plant derived preservatives, made freshly by hand in small batches.  The creams, lotions and elixirs are loaded with natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and healthy oils for maximum healing, nourishing effect, truly ‘Gourmet food for the skin’.   This is a small Center with a big heart. Our holistic and all round approach to having beautiful skin includes lifestyles suggestions, diet evaluation and energy healing for sluggish metabolisms and hormonal balancing. Our mission is to educate you to read your labels, understand the powerful positive effect of healthy skin care as part of your healthy lifestyle. ” If you cant eat it, you should not use it on your body”.  Our treatments are truly relaxing, healing and nourishing our products help support you as your skin changes with age. We show you how to keep skin healthy, slow down skin aging, revive aged skin.  We show you how to have a beautiful skin, naturally!
A few testimonials ….

“You are an Angel Lisa, a love and an absolute GEM!!! Whenever I bob up and peek at my toes on the surface of this lovely warm seat, they shimmer like rubies sparkling in the sun…and make me smile every time!  Thank you- for the gorgious toenails AND the smiles!”   Lisa Maxx  (Singer, Songwriter) Salt Spring Island.

“I want to share with you about Lisa and the wonderful work she does at her delightful Figs & Honey Center. Lisa herself, is such a delightful person.  Her energy can be very calming or uplifting, depending, really on your needs in the moment.  Lisa seems very intuitive and is light and lovely fun; a breath of fresh air.  Her treatments will do far more than paint your nails or pamper you face, they’ll bring a new zing to your day!”

” I loved your healing hands, you touched and healed my soul, thank you so much” Lilly Rumi (Artist) Salt Spring Island

 Figs and Honey now takes Visa/Mastercard and Debit, to make life that little bit easier!