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“An angel”

“You are an Angel Lisa, a love and an absolute GEM!!! Whenever I bob up and peek at my toes on the surface of this lovely warm seat, they shimmer like rubies sparkling in the sun…and make me smile every time!  Thank you- for the gorgious toenails AND the smiles!”  Lisa Maxx  (Singer, Songwriter) Salt Spring Island.

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Healing Hands

” I loved your healing hands, you touched and healed my soul, thank you so much” Lilly Rumi (Artist) Salt Spring Island

Lisa Sliwowska-Owner Operator

Figs & Honey Organic Beauty Therapy and Healing Arts Centre represents a very personal journey. I feel truly honoured to be able to share my knowledge, offer my Facials, my own Specialist Fusion Treatments and provide the world with our wonderful, healing, natural and holistic skin care products. I am so excited to be able to share all my experience with my clients and support them on their healing journey. Our unique program that tackles chronic skin conditions like Acne, are very special, entirely holistic and effective. I am dedicated to showing people that holistic solutions can give unexplainable healings and lifelong habits to maintain healthy bodies and minds.

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist trained in London, England. I have over 11 years experience and specialize in Holistic Solutions to all your skin care needs and to assist me in this process I use Intuitive Reiki & Therapeutic Touch and have developed my own specialist Fusion Programs. I am a trained Reiki Master and have found the combination of practical hands on solutions, coupled with the healing art of Reiki, to be extraordinarily effective in solving chronic skin complaints.

Our products are freshly made by hand, using local whole foods and organic herbs. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced and grown. Our Ingredients are a ‘whole food’ experience, delivering fresh vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the skin. Our products are aromatherapeutically blended to support good health and vitality and deliver a truly wonderful experience, making your cleansing ritual a pure pleasure.

I also offering Intuitive Mentoring Packages here at the Centre. We are here to support you in nourishing yourself and help you with your life choices and decisions that are causing you blockages and frustration. We are all important beings, living our lives knowing we are ‘enough’, loving ourselves and seeing our own magnificence is our journey. When our cup overflows, our light can heal the world. This is my journey and this is what drives me to serve you.

I am also a Mentor through the Canadians Women’s Enterprise Association, an active Board Member on the local Chamber of Commerce and actively engaged in the local community to support a happy and thriving environment. I have my own Radio show, with Gulf Island Radio and formerly with CFS Radio. My show “Living a Passionate Life” always inspires me. I interview people that work using their aptitudes in alignment with their passions. The chats are always authentic, interesting and hopefully inspiring to all.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Figs & Honey Noroushing & Healing Face Oil

LavendaerOilNoroushing & Healing Face Oil

A blend of four luxury skin oils high in omega 3 and vitamin C to brighten and nourish dry or aging skin.  Best used at night after cleansing.  This oil gives  incredible moisture and elasticity to the skin.  The special component also help to take away blemishes, leaving the skin really smooth and clear.  At the same time, although this is an ‘oil’, there is absolutely no clogging of pores or greasy residue after application.  The aromtherapy also induces a wonderful, relaxed sleep when applied at night and at the same time is very refreshing in the morning.  A real find.  $28

Really a fabulous treat to dry, dull skin.

Figs & Honey Grapes & Honey Face Cream

This is a luxurious face cream with a good proportion of a very high grade cold pressed grapeseed oil.  It is meant for aging skin or very dry skin since it is highter in lipids than the Whipped Face cream.  Velvety smooth, the grapeseed oil is very high in resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant found in grapeskins and seeds.  What makes the antioxidants so crucial to help aging is that they assist to remove and neutralize free radicals that cause toxicity, wrinkles and premature aging.  This cream also contains manuka honey, high in minerals and humectant.  Circulation stimulating essential oils like fresh ginger assist the resveratrol to bring health and youthful skin.  Shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil fill out the faccy acid profile to protect and heal and support collagen renewal. Top quality ingredients for just $25!

Figs & Honey Pore Refining Cleanser

This superb cleanser deeply and gently cleans without stripping the natural oils in the epidermis or altering the acid mantle.  In fact the cleansing oil – castor oil and the moisturizing oils – coconut & shea – restore moisture.  The oats are softening cleansing and soothing with a high mucilagenous content (as does the xanthan gum) that nourishes and detoxifies.  Willow is a whole, natural acetacylic acid, an often used exfoliant for acne prone skin.  Other exfoliants in this cleanser include whey protein (lactic acid) and honey.  The goatsmilk is highly nutritious and is known as a pore refining ingredient (made famous my Cleopatra)!  Very well priced for top quality ingredients $20 for 100ml.

Figs & Honey Whipped Face Cream


This delightful, light face cream is not to be missed.   Containing Coconut oil which is high in lauric acid which promotes elasticity and regenerates skin cells as well as softens.  Shea butter, which is rich in medium chain fatty acids, vitamins a, c and e all known for their antioxidant and skin benefits.   Shea butter provides an invisible barrier to hold moisture in the skin.  It heals irritated skin and also has some sun protection (approximately 8spf) from the natural cinnamic acid in it.  In Africa they use it for everything, babies, sun protection, hair and food.

Figs are one of the oldest fruits in the world and one of the highest in minerals (calcium, Phos, Iron and Mag) and very nutritious for the skin.  Also high in pectin, a soluble fibre that is known for softening and detoxifying.  Figs are superior skin cleansers and a highly effective treatment for acne.  Honey and Manuka Honey, one of natures finest skin treatments is a humectant.  It draws moisture into the skin like vegetable glycerin does, so keeps skin moist and hydrated.  It has strong antibacterial properties and this makes it good for acne and blemishes too.  The cream promotes skin growth as it has natural exfoliation (from the sugar acids) and even and tones the skin.  It can be used as a gentle skin lightener too.  Wonderful for wrinkles!

Rosemary Oleoresin, acts on the face cream oils to keep them fresh.  Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant and age defying herb.  Essential Oils which are the healing and aromatic parts of leaves, blossoms, roots and seeds provide powerful healing and detoxification.  Rose geranium is an age defying oil and encourages blood circulation which enlivens the complexion as well as wicking away toxins.  All this for $25! 30ml.


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