Salt Spring Facials

Salt Spring Facials!

Figs and Honey Facials are fantastic, not least because a good facial will relax allowing you to receive all the benefits of our wonderful products, but because it gives your skin a real ‘boost’.  Often in our busy lives we skip daily cleansing rituals that keep our skin functioning beautifully.  Having a facial is like taking your skin for a ‘service’ ! Just like our cars need a tune up, our faces need a tune up too!  A Figs and Honey Facial promises to sooth aging skin, improve skin elasticity, and nourish aged skin.  We offer our own freshly made 100% organic products that are custom blended for three skin types and we offer our custom blended option for truly unique needs.  Our facials cleanse, nourish, replenish, sooth and tone.  We offer a whole variety of custom designed facials, so the whole experience is unique and tailor made just for you!  I always give a beautiful neck and shoulder massage that is intuitively given for deep relaxation and stress relief.  I can also offer combinations of Reiki and other eshtetic components like eye brow shaping to really give you that polished look when you leave!  We carry the complete line of ‘EarthLab’ 100% natural Canadian Cosmetics for any special make-up you may want to try too!  Give me a call here at the centre at 250-537-1256


We are so excited to offer you THREE new skin care lines. 

As I am hands on in the center I can really cater to my clients needs.  Karen has therefor been supporting me to do this by mixing and making, in true alchemy form, magical ingredients that forms our lines.  It has become very obvious that Sensitive skin is something not ‘out of the ordinary’, so we have formulated a completely rocking, Sensitive Skin Range!  Acne is another of those annoying skin ailments that is not exclusive to hormonal teenagers!  Karen has therefor formulated a soothing, healing, delicious Acne line that promises to ‘rock your boat’!  Last but not least we are launching our Youthful Aging line for all our mature clients and indeed those of us in our middle-years that want to age as gracefully as naturally possible!  In my next post, I will go through the ingredients and explain how and why they have been put together to support all the lines we are launching!  They will all be available on our new e-shop and there will be news about our launch and party that promises to be lots and lots of fun.  We have lots of things to talk about, educate, help and show you, so we will be offering a series of workshops, addressing particular needs and support for application, make-up and general health and wellness support!

We want you to glow, from the inside out!  We are here to help that happen and support you on your journey NATURALLY………..