Spring and a FRESH start!

Hello dearest people,

It is with great excitement that I am writing this, as for me, Spring has sprung and I am experiencing a glorious fresh start!

Many of you know, I was head hunted for a position and left my company last year to ‘seek’ and ‘explore’ new opportunities working for a new natural skin care company that looked so promising.  I am so glad I did, because it has brought me to a full circle….right back to my company Figs & Honey!  I was thinking that all the fun was ‘out there’ and I had itchy feet to try something new, using my expertees and experience  I wanted to see what it would be like to work off Salt Spring and be part of something ‘bigger’.  I work alone quite a bit and was so excited to be a part of a team, which was a wonderful experience as most of my colleagues were incredible and supportive.  However,  it did not turn out how I had hoped.  The traditional corporate model  is not a life I want to align myself with, and the pressure and goals and demand to ‘sell’, was not in alignment with what I wanted. I see now that my high hopes got the better of me and what I learned IS worth sharing…..

I learned that I love the life I chose and should have been prouder of my business.   I learned that I am courageous, generous and kind and gifted in what I offer. I learned I have a lot to offer, much more than I could have known.  I learned that all that glitters is NOT gold and that in fact my home made business, that I started from scratch ten years ago, here on Salt Spring Island was the diamond.  I learned that authenticity is not a given and it is worth it’s weight in gold when we find it in people.  I learned that what I know to be true, MUST be shared.  We are what we think, eat, choose and do and people need to connect to themselves, trust themselves and understand their own power and I want to help them do this. The clients and the relationships I have built on this beautiful island, the ability to live so gently and lovingly, so that I can give 100% in every treatment that I offer is a blessing and a gift.  The beautiful connections I made with every person that came to my centre, my friends, tourists and community is so precious.  I had no idea how lucky I was and I am SO excited to be back.  I also loved Victoria too, and am excited to continue connecting with the beautiful people there and offer my business there too!  I see, that enjoying both places, working the way I want to work, is possible and I am going to open up to that possibility.

I have a lot to offer it turns out.  My healing touch is a gift to give, my facials are my passion. My ability to connect and communicate make me who I am.   I love to support people in connecting to their being and seeing and learning to love and honour themselves is my vocation.  I am back, but because I took that job, I am now courageous enough to reach out to do exciting workshops, step in to coaching and mentoring and  I have so much I want to share, so much knowledge to give, lots of joy to spread and myself to offer.  We are so much more that we realize, with simple and subtle shifts in awareness we can transform our lives.  I have known and practiced this for years, but only now have found the courage to share and truly step in to help you to see it to, if you are seeking.

You have all your answers, you are a beautiful human being, here to experience being human and all that it has to offer.  I would love to share my awakening with you, which truly happened over two years ago through an incredible experience.  I will be writing and sharing this knowledge to anyone that cares to read or listen.

I will offer beautiful healing, soothing facials using only natural, delicious and organic ingredients that I mostly will be making myself.  All created to lift you and support you to have healthy, beautiful skin….naturally.  I will show you how to make your very own products too!  We all deserve to live vital, healthy and joyful lives and I hope to play a small part in giving you this when you visit me for a treatment or facial, attend a workshop or come for coaching.  I so look forward to meeting you or seeing you again.  Please do call me for an appointment soon. I am Lisa Sliwowska and you can reach me @ 250 537-1256.

Thank you and gratefully and warmly I send you much light xx