Figs and Honey Launch Party News

Figs and Honey LaunchLast night Figs & Honey celebrated the official launch of the Center and the entire Face & Body Product line!

It was a wonderful evening, filled with laughter and girly banter! The fabulous ladies of Salt Spring came to celebrate with me and have the first viewing and sampling session of all the Figs & Honey and Twigs & Berries Men’s line. I stood in awe of the loving support, camaraderie, friendship and love that filtered through the evening. A testament to me of everything this Center is about. I started the Center, wanting to connect with people on this island on a deeper level than the usual ‘hello’ that we all respectfully say, when passing through the daily chores of life. I wanted to have a loving, nurturing atmosphere for people to come and have treatments, receive healing, and really have the time to connect with what is really going on in their journey of self care and healing. Giving a relaxing facial to someone who is in desperate need of some self care is so satisfying, when you know that chances are its been a very long time since they have given themselves this gift. Helping to beautify someone’s hard working hands for that special treat is so exciting. Watching people come in, sign, breathe and start relaxing is like medicine for me too. I am in this profession to help, to heal to soothe and to beautify and last night I was so excited by the support of friends, strangers and loved one who are all behind me in my endeavour. I want to say that without thanking God every day, for every blessing my life, I truly dont feel I would have been able to have started what is now Figs & Honey Beauty and Healing. I send you all my blessings and thank you for taking the time to visit my site and taking the time to read this ‘News’. Blessings to you dear people.