slide2Your health is your responsibility.  Stress can have a negative consequence on your health and relationships.  The best way to stay healthy and happy is to learn how to relax.  Simple steps can help you do this.  Obvious things like getting plenty of rest/sleep, eating a healthy diet and not allowing yourself to get overwhelmed are big steps.  However, here at “Figs and Honey” we recommend regular self care to help relax.  This can take the shape of regular visits to us for foot or hand care, facials or more intense relaxation therapies like massage and reflexology.  We want you to leave our center feeling relaxed and positive.  Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are the best relaxation therapies available and we offer 30 minute and 1 hour treatments to suit your needs.  Come and visit us, let us help you to Breathe …….. and Relax!